An India based fashion- and lifestyle brand, centered around the ideas of self-expression, diversity, empowerment and unconventional ways of living, thinking and acting. They collaborate with designers, musicians, bloggers and many other “Kultprits” of all kinds around the world, conquering the global fashion market. KULTPRIT, based on the english “culprit”, is a pun on words, acknowledging the fact that often people who are divergent in some way tend to be scapegoats for social and cultural problems. The goal is to give the word a different, more positive meaning, celebrating diversity.
When I was offered the opportunity to create KULTPRIT’s social media content images and videos, I was on board nearly instantly, because I absolutely adore their brand and the values they stand for. The brand targets an audience of young, unusual people from all walks of life. Consequentially their content needs to be quirky, rebellious, innovative and #neverordinary (the brand’s tagline), but also sophisticated and stylish.
My main assignment was to transform the team’s more complex ideas into a visual form, sometimes with a lot of room for interpretation, sometimes with very specific instructions. As the brand loves to mix things up and try lots of different styles and techniques there was no shortage to the variety of tasks I was assigned: Composition of simple to life-like collages, creating website- and social media banners, animation, combining still images with video backgrounds, photo-manipulation, illustration...

Website Banners with matching facebook title image and advert
The jumbled brushstrokes textures, as well as the skewed brushstrokes as borders, emphasize the grungy, wild image of the brand, as well as harmonizing with the brand typeface “Amatic”
Party-themed collage for instagram
Fresh, cheerful colors, relevant stock elements and the illustrated ECG create a party mood complementing the T-shirt-design
polaroid still life for instagram
In this still life, entirely composed in Photoshop, everyday objects associated with an urban lifestyle surround the stars of the image: two polaroids of Kultprit models posing in the streets.
promotion for the new twitter channel on instagram
The illustrated bird combined with the Kultprit Model image invite the viewer to “now catch the Kultprit on twitter” themselves.
instagram promotion for illustrated joggers
Created in matching comic style
model on textured background
Instagram promotion
The Background texture highlights the illustration on the long-sleeve
party mode instagram post
special color effects appealing to the party-loving part of KULTPRIT's target audience
animated neonsign for myntra shop promotion
Playing on their target audience’s nightlife connection, this neonsign animation (created from scratch in AfterEffects) builds up suspense for the 60% Myntra discount announcement.
Video and still image composition for new designs promotion
Smoke in the background for that “fresh from the factory” look and a big Kultprit stroke highlighting the “new designs” message
Video and still image composition to highlight the Kultprit shirt design
Combining the flowing quality of the ink with the minimalist , geometrical print of the shirt, this composition generates tension while being harmonious
disruption effect video promotion
Multiple styles are presented, every one climaxing with a "disruption effect"
instagram still and video combination
Stars set a dreamy, fantasy mood
Social Media Cover and ad-image “Graffiti-Style”
This photo-manipulation, using the “the battle continuez” typeface as base for the graffiti, serves to connect with the street-art part of Kultprit’s target audience
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