When I was new to design, free resources helped me a lot, they gave me a chance to experiment and grow without having to think (too much) about licenses and copyrights. Furthermore I myself like to train my design muscles and to build things like brushes or mockups from scratch at least once. Needless to say I am a fan of the creative commons mindset.
The freebiebase is a branding-concept for a platform exclusively devoted to collecting and refining design-assets to provide newbie (and seasoned) designers with high-quality, CC0 licensed resources for them to work with, worry-free.
Freebiebase is aimed at designers, hobbyists, bloggers and small businesses, mainly everyone who wants to create great content on a tight budget. High Quality, the freedom to create, supporting personal and professional growth and the idea of sharing freely with each other are the key values to express and highlight, therefor the brand, as well as placeholders for assets, needs to be clean, cheerful, motivating, humorous and easygoing.
For the brand, bright, cheerful colors and the subtle use of gradients create a lighthearted atmosphere, lots of whitespace and minimalist shapes make for a clean and neat appearance. While the comfortaa typeface (for the logo and headlines) supports the easygoing, humorous impression, source sans pro provides readability with its plain, elegant style. The mockup set is designed for purposes in which the artwork is intended to be the center of attention. All assets are created with this in mind, only decorated so much as to give an ever so slight real-life impression.
logo variations, instagram ad, phone wallpaper, button, businesscard
logo design and application examples
The butterfly symbolizes freedom, progression and beauty, the abstractly signified palette stands for creation and art. Gradients make for an airy appearance.
DinA4 and DinA5, envelope, businesscards
office supplies mockups
The mockups are sized relative to each other, so as to enable usage in compositions like hero headers. Dummy content indicates the designated use and reinforces the brand.
devices and interface mockups
A selection of flat devices, combinable with included various minimalistic browser and social media mockups like instagram, facebook and twitter.
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